Today’s topic is mentalization, visualization and localization of consciousness.

This subject often generates resistance in more skeptical people, who have reservations in accepting or using these tools, misunderstanding them as something of the mystical realm. On the other hand, those who keep an open mind about it have improved not only their practices, but their lives.

To the doubters, we can assure them that this is not a matter of belief, since these elements are based on observable facts that science can prove to exist and indeed to be powerful.

As soon as practitioners begin to better manage their breathing, to feel less anxious during the positions, and to develop stronger musculature to hold the body for longer, the next step to improve the practice is to use localization of consciousness, and later introduce mentalization techniques.

Sri Sivananda, the famous Hindu Master, said that “where there is consciousness, there is life”. It suffices to simply settle your mind on a specific part of your body in order to expressively increase the flow of blood into that area, consequently the energy and temperature.

Make this test yourself and see how it works:

Place your hands over a table. For 5 minutes place all your attention on your right hand and visualize it surrounded by a red colour (red is stimulating). Forget and completely ignore your left hand, so your attention and intention are only on your right hand.

When the 5 minutes are up, compare your hands. You will see that the veins on your right hand are much more dilated than those on the left, and the temperature of your right hand is also higher.

This experiment shows that we can direct our mind to a specific part of our body and have some influence on it, consequently improving the vitality in that area.

When you next practise ásana (ancient physical positions), localize your attention on the area of your body that calls your attention. This action suffices to optimize the effect of the positions.

But you can do more. You can visualize colours surrounding those areas. Light blue has a sedative effect, orange stimulates and increases the energy in the area, green improves the general health.

The most important thing is the intention that accompanies every visualization. In our philosophy it even has a Sanskrit name, Sankalpa (resolve, intention). And without Sankalpa, nothing is possible.

If you don’t visualize anything but have a strong intention, for example to get stronger, your body will respond.

Always remember that your body follows your mind. Whatever you say, or think, is very likely to take place. Therefore, always be positive during your practice, and you’ll get the best result of every exercise you do.

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