Go Deeper into the World of Breathwork

Unleash Your Inner Potential

With teacher Paulo Pacifici

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of breathwork with our immersive 4-step workshop led by renowned teacher Paulo Pacifici. This unique course is designed to empower you with the ancient wisdom and practical techniques of the DeRose Meditation. With a holistic approach that combines physical elements, ancient breathing techniques, and meditation practices, this method will catalyse your personal evolution and unlock your true potential.

4 Meetings, 10s of classes, with 6 Months of Access

Join us for 4 captivating e-meetings, each filled with invaluable knowledge and experiential learning. With the convenience of accessing the sessions for up to six months, you can revisit and explore the teachings at your own pace, ensuring a deep integration of the breathwork principles into your life. Paulo will guide you through techniques tailored to your needs, setting the foundation for self-sufficiency in your breathwork practice.

Meeting 1: Explore Your Full Breathing Potentiality

In this introductory step, embark on a journey of breathing re-education.

– Unlock the secrets of ideal breathing and tap into your full potential. 

– Discover how breathwork can serve as a powerful tool for stress management, enhance your athletic performance, and enrich your daily routine.

– Breathing techniques to improve your quality of sleep.

Meeting 2: The Principles and Effects of Breathwork

Take a leap into the intermediate step as we delve into advanced breathing exercises.

– Learn the principles that empower you to become self-sufficient in your breathwork practice.

– How changing your breathing patterns can positively impact the health of your brain.

– Most secret breathing techniques. 

– Explore the most secret breathing techniques and discover the top 3 exercises that are essential for improving vitality and overall well-being.

Meeting 3: Expand Your Consciousness through breathwork.

The breathing exercise which will open the door for deeper experiences. 

– Unveil ancient secret techniques for expanding consciousness and heightening your inner experiences. 

– Learn and develop traditional visualisations during breathwork (swara) 

– Unique breathing exercises and rhythm to prepare you for meditation (dhyana).

Meeting 4: Integration and Daily Routine.

In this advanced step, you will witness the culmination of your learning as you put all the theories and practices into action.

– Paulo will lead a powerful class where you will integrate and apply the techniques acquired over the three-week period. 

– Experience the profound impact of breathwork firsthand as you navigate various techniques and uncover the synergy between theory and practice. 

– Paulo will also highlight common mistakes to avoid in your daily routine, ensuring you receive maximum value from your breathwork practice.

Meet Your Guide, Paulo Pacifici

Paulo’s journey with the DeRose Meditation began in 2001, sparking a lifelong passion for this philosophy of life. Over the past two decades, he has honed his expertise through countless courses, studying under esteemed teachers such as Professor DeRose. In 2007, Paulo brought the DeRose Meditation to the United Kingdom and in 2017 established the renowned DeRose Meditation Soho. His exceptional teaching has garnered incredible reviews from credited meditators, and he has had the privilege of coaching beloved celebrities and top athletes, making a profound impact on their lives.

Why Choose DeRose Meditation?

Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, DeRose Meditation is a powerful fusion of techniques that transcend the boundaries of time and culture. By incorporating physical elements, ancient breathing techniques, and meditation practices, this approach offers a comprehensive path to personal evolution. Whether you seek heightened self-awareness, stress management tools, or a profound connection with your inner self, DeRose Meditation empowers you to unlock your true potential.

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Embrace the power of breath to unlock your true potential and experience personal growth and well-being like never before. Join us on this remarkable path and embark on a profound exploration of the self through the art of conscious breathing.

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