Our Practitioners

Among our clients we have the actress Salma Hayek, the footballer Hector Bellerin, the former Victoria Secrets model Tatiana Kovylina, to name a few.


Go beyond your limitations, unravelling your real potential through the use of powerful tools.


Increase lung capacity and your overall energy. An ultimate technique to meditate deeper.

Strength and Flexibility

Physical positions that promote strength, flexibility and balance, and heighten body awareness.

Stress Management

Channel stress into vitality and use it to accomplish your goals in life. Learn effective techniques to improve your sleep quality.

Body Awareness

Heightened proprioception, the ability to sense yourself in space.

Concentration and Meditation

Our physical positions promote strength, flexibility and balance, heightening body awareness in an incomparable way.

Do you wish to have more privacy and want to achieve personal goals?

The private tuition is the ideal way for entrepreneurs, actors, artists, athletes, as well as for people who travel a lot. The bespoke practice favours the method’s techniques customised to meet the practitioner’s goals.

Your Place

Highly trained instructors at the confort of your home

Our Place

We have the perfect environment for you to enjoy the practice. A place that feels like your second home.

Online Sessions

Don’t live in London and want to practise with us? Practise online!

Trial Private Class​​

Special price for the first assessment: £65
Duration: 1 hr