We practise physical techniques in a time-honoured way, with a unique purpose: BODY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Practising with us, you will safely develop your strength and flexibility but the ultimate goal is to develop a deep understanding of your limits and extend them.

​Whatever your sport or exercise, you will perform it better!

Strength is not enough

Strength is important but we can take you even further. Learn to truly maximize your potential, explore your limits and develop the body-consciousness you always desired.

Flexibility is not enough

Our practitioners achieve a level of flexibility they never thought possible, using an intelligent approach. The results are indisputable. Flexibility and strength are important for realising longevity and quality of life, but they are a consequence of the techniques we teach, not actually the goal.

Body Consciousness is Everything

The DeROSE METHOD will train your body externally and internally, and the results will go far beyond the development of a strong supple body.

Physical Intelligence & Movement

One of the main characteristics of the DeRose Method is the rescue of the archaic concept of practising without repetition.

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