Physical Intelligence

Physical Intelligence

Intelligence is not just exclusive to our intellectual mind. In the emotional realm, there is emotional intelligence, and there is also physical intelligence, a concept going back many generations, where certain peoples and cultures held the belief that the physical body carries a type of intelligence, referred to as a form of “body consciousness”

Based on this notion, one of the key goals of physical exercise in the DeRose Method is for the individual to be conscious of their practising body, also known as body awareness. However, what we mean by body awareness is not just to simply look fitter or be stronger. 

Body consciousness or body awareness is the capacity to know your body, understand your limits, and work with your body in a safe and healthy way. Through practice you can obtain in-depth insight of your body and be able to recognise the signs it gives you when something is not right or out of sync. In fact, by learning to listen to your body, you can even prevent certain undesired conditions and illnesses.

Ultimately, this body consciousness level is extremely pleasant, providing a rare type of pleasure. It allows for the discovery of the hidden essence of your body, providing a level of connection and perception you may never have experienced before. To learn more and further understand this beautiful art of body development, join our workshop exploring Physical Intelligence on 8th October.

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