Creativity is the phenomenon by which something new, and of value, is generated.

We are all inherently creative, and our creativity can be applied to any area of our life, personal or professional, to make our experiences richer and more satisfying, and to maximise our positive impact on the people around us, and the earth we inhabit.

To understand the importance of creativity, and to master it, we must first understand something fundamental about the cosmos, and our place within it. Whilst this is a vast and complex subject, the key proposition relating to creativity is that everything in the cosmos has a unique purpose, and the creative potential to fulfil that purpose.

If we can discover, and realise, that particular purpose, we are able to tap into the very roots of our creativity, and our most original ideas and projects, those that belong solely to us, and for which we alone are responsible for generating, can come to fruition.

The key to creativity, therefore, is Self-Knowledge; or, as the famous maxim goes, “Know Thyself”.

We cannot, of course, assume that this knowledge will come to us accidentally, or without effort, and it because of this that all ancient philosophies recommend techniques of self-study, which make conquering Self-Knowledge possible for everybody. So if you haven’t got a clue what your life purpose is there are some effective tricks to discover it:

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