“Breath” is an excellent book, a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the world of breathwork.

James Nestor demonstrates the importance of breathing correctly and the negative effects when it is not executed appropriately. For instance, did you know that using your mouth to breathe, and not fully utilising your diaphragm are both examples of non optimised breathing?

Though he is not a teacher and apparently never had the intention to be one, James Nestor is an accomplished scholar on the topic of breathing, and in this book, you will discover some of his empirical research as something to reflect upon and inspire. He encourages us to take our breathing very seriously and consider it of primary importance in our daily life.

Being aware of the difference between how to breathe correctly from practising powerful breathing exercises, intrigued James. The many positive side-effects that ancient breathwork techniques generate, encouraged him to further his research, which raised certain questions that modern science alone could not answer. This led him to visit Professor DeRose in Brazil, a claimed specialist in breathing exercises, and to pose some of his questions in person to him.

For a taster of what to expect, we present to you a couple of extracts taken from his book:

“I’ve come to meet DeRose because after all this research, after so many years of reading books, I’ve still got questions. DeRose supposedly knows all about it, he’s written 30 books on the oldest forms of yoga and breathing.”

“DeRose studies and teaches an ancient practice, vastly different from yoga at neighbourhood studios.”

At DeRose Meditation, we practise 59 traditional breathing exercises, they have different purposes and can be used for particular situations or during different periods of your life. However, ultimately all breathing exercises have a noble goal, to support mediation and guide you into a deeper state of consciousness.

Start your breathwork classes right now, you can do it online or book a visit to our meditation club to become a member. Your life may never be the same again.

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