I’ve been practising breathing exercises for 20 years, and I clearly remember my first experiences. Although the early sensations evolve with time, the first perceptions are unforgettable.

I would like to share with you what you can expect from regular breathwork exercise, based on the effects I have gained from it.

More vitality

In my initial days of breathwork practice, I clearly recall having incredible energy levels. Not the kind you would get from drinking coffee, for example, but as if my brain was working with more precision and focus.

Emotional Management

Practising breathwork regularly gives me the ability to manage my emotions more easily. When faced with an emotionally challenging situation, it helps me to show stability and maturity of thought. By understanding that a specific automatic style of breath can trigger my stress, I can apply alternative breathing styles to prevent this from happening.

Satisfaction and Contentment

The feeling of satisfaction is quite exquisite and ethereal. We travel the world, visit special places, meet people many times over, all to achieve that state of contentment. Right from my very first experiences of advanced breathwork, I discovered a deep sensation of satisfaction. I am not sure if this was due to the breathing exercises nourishing my cells or stimulating my brain, but I was certainly experiencing an intense feeling of contentment.

Breathing techniques can help us to improve our quality of life in many different ways. However, don’t create or force expectations! We should not practise anything expecting a particular sensation or result. This is because you can either suggest the effect or even prevent it from happening. What is most effective and powerful is self-discovery. Therefore, try to practise simply in pursuit of connecting with yourself and enjoying the moment, in this way you are allowing the discovery to naturally reveal itself to you.

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