What Makes DeRose Meditation So Special?

De Rose Meditation

A while ago we received a renowned journalist from the Sunday Times Magazine at our Soho studio. He was responsible for the publication’s weekly article reviewing a variety of new classes throughout the week in different locations. It was to our delight that he not only published a piece on us, but also our method was the only one to get a 5 stars rating. In fact, during the entire time he dedicated to that particular column, he described the DeRose Meditation as his best experience:

“Eighteen months I’ve been doing this column. Eighteen harrowing months of treadmills, shouty knuckle-draggers, and infuriatingly positive mental attitudes. Finally, I’ve found the class for me. Five stars!” Matt Rudd. 

You can read the full article via this link: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/magazine/the-sunday-times-magazine/matt-rudd-fitness-body-bendy-life-beckons-eye-health-0m2m2hnrk

Matt Rudd has been one of many prestigious journalists to give such high praise and to review our approach so positively. Some further examples include; The Evening Standard: “I have found something very special indeed.”  and the iNews “By the end of one class I feel as if I have entered a secret club that could possibly change my life forever, if only I let it.” Siobhan Norton – iNews

So, why do we get such positive feedback? What makes us special?

It would be impossible to point out everything in such a short article. Therefore, based on my many years of experience as a teacher and working with a variety of students, I have selected a few of the DeRose Meditation features that make us different from other similar existing methods. 

  • The DeRose Meditation is extremely complete and integral – It is a systematisation composited by Professor DeRose during the 60s. He dedicated his life to finding the most ancient practice (yoga – sámkhya – shakta), before the many subdivisions that were introduced in the philosophies present today.
  • We are technical and naturalistic We don’t bring mysticism or occultism into our practice. We only teach the technical aspect of the philosophy, without transferring any beliefs or faiths. In this way, practitioners comprehend their own metaphysical experiences, without dogmas or pre-stipulated concepts. 
  • Our instructors have rigorous training – Our training course lasts 4 years with every instructor having to annually do exams and be evaluated by an experienced board in order to maintain and update their certification. In this way, their continuous progress is always ensured. 

To gain your own understanding of our approach, we encourage you to experience it. We offer many options for you to try our method, either online or in-person.  Simply access this link and choose how you wish to discover us and we will take you through a step-by-step guide to start your journey.

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