DeRose has been an educator and writer for over fifty years, covering subjects such as philosophy, self-knowledge, well-being, etiquette, nutrition, fiction, and more. He has written more than twenty books, been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Professor DeRose started teaching at the young age of sixteen and traveled to India annually for 25 years, which he details in his Portuguese language autobiography Quando é Preciso Ser Forte. One of his most renowned works is his codification of Pre-Classical Yôga, which he named SwáSthya Yôga, considered one of the greatest modern day contributions to the preservation of this ancient philosophy known as Yôga. DeRose’s codification consisted of recovering the remnants of Pre-Classical Yôga without adding, suppressing or westernizing anything.

Prior to DeRose’s work, Pre-Classical Yôga had never been systemized and was largely absent of any formal recognition or registry. Prior to DeRose, it may have never been systemized before because life during the pre-classical time period was less complicated and thus no one was concerned with such technicalities or differentiating it from anything else. Nevertheless, after a period of over five thousand years, we feel the codification of Pre-Classical Yôga is necessary in order to distinguish it from more prevalent modern forms and explain it in a clear and documented manner.

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