In the Temple of Apollo In Delphi, you will see written in Ancient Greek the statement: “Know thyself”. This aphorism symbolizes the beginning of Western philosophy. At DeRose Meditation our roots explore older Eastern philosophies, however, we also agree that in order to achieve our full potentiality we require self-knowledge. Therefore, you may wonder how does DeRose Meditation suggest achieving such an ambitious concept as “know yourself”? We attain this realisation by pursuing the expansion of consciousness, initially comprehending that the “real” self is not what we think we are, and is not subject to time and space. We are actually something atemporal and immutable, that our consciousness using our five senses can limit us from experiencing. This profound and subtle essence is accessible through a “higher mind”, beyond the scope of intellect and can be achieved by the access of Ancient Meditation, the means by which you can discover who you really are. During this state of higher consciousness, many insights and intuitions appear, bringing transformative experiences in life. Through self-knowledge and lucidity, you will know that you are on the right path in life, naturally producing and expressing creativity, as you were always meant to. Perhaps that is the greatest differential between Eastern philosophy and Western philosophy. Although both agree that philosophy is the pursuit of self-knowledge, one gives a practical solution to achieve it, whereas the other uses the theoretical realm. This is why we call the world of meditation a “practical philosophy”. Dive deeply into yourself using our techniques and discover who you truly are!

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