How breathwork can help you solve problems

Breathing is an essential and crucial function for the health of your mind and body. It is a tool that when well explored will immediately improve your quality of life.

Furthermore, it can also be used for specific purposes, for example, to have more mental clarity to resolve some of the challenges we all inevitably have to face in life. Regular Breathwork = Mental Clarity Practising Breathwork will give you clarity and lucidity, which in turn helps in decision making and improving your choices in life. Hence, you can replace what is not desirable with positive thoughts and take more productive and assertive actions. The first step is to breathe correctly. Controlling and being aware of your breathing will help in managing your emotions. During stressful moments, our breathing becomes shallow and superficial, creating a state of anxiety which in turn can make mental clarity difficult. Simply by using your nostrils to inhale and exhale, and using your diaphragm to breathe (air in, abdomen out; air out, abdomen in), you will become much calmer and gain more lucidity. ADD BREATHWORK TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. Don’t wait to utilise Breathwork for only the times you need to use it. Instead, practise the exercises (like the one I have provided in this article) on a daily basis. In this way, it becomes a regular habit and you will be able to effectively apply the techniques automatically in the moments that you need mental clarity the most. If this resonates with you, then why not start your regular practice of breathwork by enrolling for free on our platform.

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