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“A breathtakingly beautiful class, the DeROSE METHOD helps to develop your performance, resulting in increased strength, power, flexibility, balance and concentration.”

“Eighteen months I’ve been doing this column. Eighteen harrowing months of treadmills, shouty knuckle-draggers and infuriatingly positive mental attitudes. Finally, I’ve found the class for me. FIVE STARS.”

“By the end of one class I feel as if I have entered a secret club that could possibly change my life forever, if only I let it.”

DeRose Meditation

The DeROSE Meditation was established in Rio de Janeiro in 1960. It encompasses a fusion of powerful techniques including physical elements, breathing and meditation practices , as well as philosophical concepts inspired by ancient traditions. The ultimate goal of DeROSE Meditation is to boost your personal evolution.

Physical Intelligence

We practise physical techniques in a time-honoured way, with a unique purpose: Physical Intelligence. Whilst practising with us, you will safely develop your strength and flexibility, but also attain the ultimate goal, to develop a deep understanding of your limits and how to expand them.


 DeRose Meditation we teach 59 traditional breathing exercises, each of which has a specific purpose and can be used in different situations. You may choose an exercise that will help you feel more awake, or perhaps one that increases your stamina. There are exercises which will slow you down, decrease your stress level and make you feel calmer.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Much more than simply becoming “calmer” or reducing anxiety, our meditation techniques help you to achieve the full potentiality of your brain, accomplishing more clarity and self-knowledge.

Meet The Team

Paulo Pacifici

Ele Corvetta

Isabella Anciutti

Sebastian Arizu

Noora Parssinen

Rafael Bettega

Our teachers undertake a rigorous twelve year training programme, and are evaluated annually, a process that ensures their technical excellence. Their commitment to this philosophy and to the transformation of the lives of others is reflected in the quality of their teaching.

Every class is unique, challenging, and rewarding.

Our Club in Soho

Our meditation club is located in Soho, Central London, an oasis in a busy city. Providing a friendly and welcoming environment, our students experience the most exceptional practices, in a space where they share many memorable moments and connect with like minded people, over the most delicious cup of homemade chai.

Physical Intelligence

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