Breathwork can be the best new habit to introduce next year. 


It is tough to introduce a new habit in our lives. Our brain works with routine and old habits, every time we try to add a new habit in our life, one that will give us a better quality of life, we find it a great challenge and most of the time we give up […]

Breathwork for optimal performance


Breathwork. Performance is not just about constant improvement in the areas of work, sports or higher achievements. It is also the capacity to maximise your life, to be able to relax when necessary, sleep well and manage stress, all factors that are impacted by breathing. This is why breathing exercises are directly related to your […]

What Makes DeRose Meditation So Special?

De Rose Meditation

A while ago we received a renowned journalist from the Sunday Times Magazine at our Soho studio. He was responsible for the publication’s weekly article reviewing a variety of new classes throughout the week in different locations. It was to our delight that he not only published a piece on us, but also our method […]