Physical Intelligence

Physical Intelligence

Intelligence is not just exclusive to our intellectual mind. In the emotional realm, there is emotional intelligence, and there is also physical intelligence, a concept going back many generations, where certain peoples and cultures held the belief that the physical body carries a type of intelligence, referred to as a form of “body consciousness”.  Based […]

Breathwork for optimal performance


Breathwork. Performance is not just about constant improvement in the areas of work, sports or higher achievements. It is also the capacity to maximise your life, to be able to relax when necessary, sleep well and manage stress, all factors that are impacted by breathing. This is why breathing exercises are directly related to your […]

Time, our most valuable asset

Time our most valuable asset

“Do not leave for eternity what you can do now.” Professor DeRose You have no idea how often I hear “I wish I could have more time to practise meditation with you, but I have no time”. If this resonates with you, then reading this short article could help, as I explore how you can […]

What Makes DeRose Meditation So Special?

De Rose Meditation

A while ago we received a renowned journalist from the Sunday Times Magazine at our Soho studio. He was responsible for the publication’s weekly article reviewing a variety of new classes throughout the week in different locations. It was to our delight that he not only published a piece on us, but also our method […]

The mechanism of meditation


The most frequent feedback I hear about meditation is that “meditation is not for me, as my mind is too noisy.” I usually reply by saying that meditation is actually not for anyone. In fact, it is very rare that someone loves it from the very first instance. It is not easy to enjoy the […]

Frequent questions about meditation

questions about meditation

Is meditation a religion? Meditation does not necessarily have religious connotations. There are some religions, like Buddhism and Vêdanta that use meditation in their structure, but meditation is very often done outside of a particular religious practice. You can practise meditation independently of your belief, whether you are an atheist or theist. See meditation as […]

The effects of breathwork on your body

In this day and age, it is common knowledge that correctly breathing and optimising your breath improves your overall vitality and wellbeing. However, we also need to be aware that breathwork was not originally developed to only aid in advancing health. The original purpose of breathing exercises goes far beyond this. The way we view […]

Why should you read “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor?


“Breath” is an excellent book, a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the world of breathwork. James Nestor demonstrates the importance of breathing correctly and the negative effects when it is not executed appropriately. For instance, did you know that using your mouth to breathe, and not fully utilising your diaphragm are both examples of […]

What Stops You From Meditating?


There are many styles and approaches in the philosophy of meditation, some are more traditional and others not so much. Consequently, it does not mean that if you had a bad experience in the past that all your experiences will be the same. In fact, I strongly encourage you to try different methods, in order […]

The Science Behind Creativity


Despite the lack of fully understanding creativity, we now know that it can be stimulated, trained and enhanced. We also know that it is influenced and moderated by the environment, social interaction and cultural traits. Creativity can be directly or indirectly measured in its different forms. Creativity, the ability to produce innovative ideas, is one […]