It is tough to introduce a new habit in our lives. Our brain works with routine and old habits, every time we try to add a new habit in our life, one that will give us a better quality of life, we find it a great challenge and most of the time we give up in the process. 

But the New Year is here, and it is time to swap old bad habits with new ones. I encourage you to introduce breathwork into your new routines. I can’t imagine myself without practising breathwork regurlarly. It is part of my routine:: having a shower, eating, brushing my teeth etc. It is part of my daily habits.

Once you introduce breathwork into your daily routine, you will feel with more vitality and energy, your focus will improve, you will reduce your level of stress, and you will probably sleep better.

Ancient breathing exercises are complex , and there is an immense archive of techniques and concepts. Sivananda, one of the most significant Hindu masters of Yoga from the first half of the last century, used to refer to pránáyáma (prána: bioenergy, ayáma expansion; Expansion of energy through breathing exercises), “the Science of Breathing”. And it is a science that goes far beyond simply being mindful of your breathing. Since breathwork became a trend, I’ve seen people with little experience claiming to be breathwork instructors but don’t do anything else but simply ask the student to “pay attention” in their breath. Being aware of breathing is essential, but it is only one of the first steps of this powerful science. 

Different people, need different breathing exercise. We are all very different, physically and emotionally,  and what works for me, as my daily routine, will not necessarily work for you. A professional must guide you well to discover which technique your body will respond to better. A great “thermometer”, if the technique works ideally for you, is your level of invigorated at the end of the exercise. If you feel perceptibly better, with a sensation of satisfaction after the exercise, it means that the technique is working positively for you. If you are bothered during the exercise and your body doesn’t respond positively after the exercise, consider changing the technique. 

So, here are a few steps to add breathing exercises to your daily routine:

  1. Discover the ideal exercise for you. Test and try.
  2. Start with a short time of dedication. 5 min maximum daily, then increase the time of practice slowly until you reach 30 min every day. The same time every day, in a place like your living room, may help you to develop a routine, but it can’t be an excuse not to execute. One minute at the train to work, is better than not doing anything. 
  3. Have a good professional to guide you and upgrade your techniques always when necessary. 

If you have no experience at all, you can check the video below and try this simple exercise in bed for around 5 min. That would be a great first step.

Also on the 21 of January 2023 we are having a OpenDay at our meditation club in Soho with a special workshop, Breathwork and Focus. You can enrol at this workshop with 50% discount using the code: OPENDAY50   – on the link below. 

Open day

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