Stress Management

In the modern world stress is something that is negatively affecting millions of people. Although it is a natural drive that has the potential to give us the vigour and focus to move towards the fulfillment of our greatest dreams, in many people it has created an unbalanced energy in the body, which has interfered […]


Imagine that after everything you have experienced in your life to date, after all of the wonderful things you have already discovered and lived, you came to realise that there is a whole other “world” inside of you that you had never known existed. A place that you find so indescribably delightful to settle in […]

Discover our techniques

A picture like this one might suggest that the DeRose Method focuses only on physical techniques. A complete regular practice includes eight techniques, of which only one is dedicated to the physical exercises (ásanas). The other techniques, such as advanced breathing exercises and concentration/meditation, go far beyond the physical positions. Those techniques are more internal […]