If you enjoy sports as much as I do, DeRose Meditation is a great way to enhance your athletic prowess. In fact, we have numerous professional athletes, in various sporting genres, from many countries already taking advantage of DeRose Meditation to improve their performance. I have been fortunate to witness in my 20 years of experience, the positive effects that regular practice of meditation has on directly improving an athlete’s performance. To find out more, I hope you enjoy reading the information I have shared on this post. REDUCES DISTRACTION

Focus is crucial for any athlete, and meditation is the most potent exercise for sharpening the mind. IMPROVES SLEEP PATTERNS

Recent studies show that levels of performance are dependent on how well you sleep. The regular practice of meditation, associated with specific breathwork, directly improves the quality of sleep. REDUCES STRESS AND DEVELOPS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

High-stress levels can result in making wrong decisions, and physiologically raise the cortisone levels in your body. This in turn, increases inflammation which impairs recovery time. ENHANCES ENDURANCE

By practising traditional meditation with the use of visualisations, resilience can be developed. Athletes who visualise accomplish specific objectives/goals. Through combining this in training, along with the regular practice of advanced breathing exercises, the body can then work harder and for longer periods of time.


Meditation in sport can help athletes conquer those common “blind spots” that create challenges in their performance, and which can appear worst than they actually are. Meditation helps the recognition of the negative impacts these blind spots have on performance, working directly to overcome the issues they create. Whether you are a pro athlete or a sports enthusiast, DeRose Meditation will support and enhance your performance.

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