The paradigm problem of Yôga

After over 50 years working in this field of education, we’ve come to the conclusion that when we use the term “Yôga”, people associate it to many things incorrectly (i.e. relaxation, therapy, spiritualistic or religious things, Buddhism, zen, or just about anything “natural”), meanwhile omitting the genuine characteristics of Yôga. It’s as if when using […]

The DeRose Method

The DeRose Method is a collection of ancestral techniques and concepts that emphasise overall quality of life, good manners, good human relations, good nutrition, good physical conditioning and culture. We teach how to make high performance a lifestyle with techniques training the organic body, breathing, concentration, meditation, relaxation and much more. We teach how to […]

Why is SwáSthya Yôga unique?

1. SwáSthya Yôga is rooted in Sámkhya. Sámkhya is an ancient Indian theoretical philosophy. It is extremely technical, dynamic and adopts a naturalistic perspective of the practice. Mysticism and spiritualism is not compatible with Sámkhya. The line of Sámkhya adopted by SwáSthya Yôga is Niríshwarasámkhya. 2. SwáSthya Yôga is Tantric. Tantra is an ancient Indian […]

Prof. DeRose

DeRose has been an educator and writer for over fifty years, covering subjects such as philosophy, self-knowledge, well-being, etiquette, nutrition, fiction, and more. He has written more than twenty books, been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Professor DeRose started teaching at the young age of sixteen and traveled to India annually for 25 years, […]